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Find a Perfect AC Unit for Office

RAS-18S3KHS-IN_RAS-18S3AHS-IN26sepEvery year with strikingly increasing summer heat across the globe, it is essential to keep your office environment cool and comfortable. According to an article in ‘USA Today’ published in July 2016, the hot and humid climate tends to decrease the performance of the employees thus resulting in less productivity at work. This is due to the slow function of the brain in these uncomfortable high temperatures. Other popular news channels like NPR news and Forbes magazine also back up this concept. Thus, it is necessary to keep the work environment pleasant and comfortable to avoid any adverse impact on the office staff.


To set up an AC for the office usage, there are certain factors to be considered which save your money and time as well.



This is the first step while setting up air conditioner units in your office. Once you opted for a renowned brand which provides you with various options to choose from and cost-effective, check out if it fulfils your office requirements.


  • Survey Your Office Space


Next, schedule a technician from the AC Company to survey your office space. The AC technician is the right person to determine a few factors like,


  • How many AC units are required?
  • What type of AC is suitable according to the office floor plan?
  • How much AC capacity/ton is necessary according to your office size?


There are also some variables to be considered like what type of office room needs to be air-conditioned and what is the average number of people, and electronic systems are present to increase or decrease the capacity. For example, while installing an AC unit in a server room, higher cooling capacity is required whereas if you are installing the AC units in a shady area office location then adjust the capacity of the AC accordingly.


  • Commercial Air conditioning types


Other than the following main commercial types, there are also other models like the portable AC which are used for small office spaces as well. However, we will look into briefly the three main categories.


  1. Single Split AC Unit
  2. Multi-Split AC Units
  3. VRF units


Split Hi wall Inverter

Single Split AC


Single Split AC units come with one outdoor unit for each indoor unit. It is ideal for small office space, cafés, and shops. They are the most affordable type among the other categories.


Multi-Split AC


In some models of the multi-split AC type, it comes with nine indoor units connected to the single outdoor unit. It is popular in medium sized office spaces like dentist office, restaurants and gyms.




The variable refrigerant flow is best suited for larger commercial complexes and retail buildings. For larger spaces, these are easy to control, reliable and give an effective cooling system. These VRF systems are further sub-divided into the heat pump and heat recovery model. In heat pump VRF model, it provides both heating and cooling effect, and it is suitable for open plan areas. Whereas, in heat recovery, VRF model heats as well as cools different areas simultaneously making it a perfect choice for shopping malls which have a lot of individual rooms.






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