Inverter air conditioners: A Short Note


RAS-25S3KPS-IN_RAS-25S3APS-INInverter air conditioners are novel technology. Science have at last achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in the manufacture of AC. In inverter AC:

  1. The speed of the electro motors in the compressor can be regulated.
  2. Increased energy efficiency and has a low cost of operation.
  • Can deal efficiently during power or load fluctuation. This makes them long lasting devices.
  1. No sound of the compressor during operation. These appliances are completely noiseless.
  2. Although expensive, but saves money in the long run due to much lesser electricity bills. This is a smart and eco-friendly choice of today.

Top 10 inverter air conditioners in India include dealers and manufactures like Toshiba ac, Voltas, Blue star, LG, Carrier, Daikin, General and Panasonic. Few products that have become very popular among customers are mentioned below:

  1. Voltas 185 EY Split Air Conditioner: this has been marked as the best by many reviewers among inverter AC in the Indian market. This AC is absolutely money’s worth. Features that are important:
  2. It is priced at only Rs.31, 500.
  3. It has a 1.5 ton capacity.
  4. Five star in energy savings. This means it is the best in saving energy and the electricity bill. Investing in this model can start paying you back in less than two years with every day usage from the date of buy.
  5. Voltas makes one of the best quality condenser. The condenser has a 5 years warranty. The overall warranty on the appliance is one year.
  6. Voltas have another model Voltas DC 12DY that is also popular among those who like to buy products that completely is worth every penny. This model has 1 ton capacity and is priced Rs.36,500.
  7. Bluestar Inverter Split Air Conditioner: The model number is 3CNHW18CAF/U.


  1. It is priced at only Rs.41, 500.
  2. It has a 1.5 ton capacity.
  3. Five star in energy savings.
  4. It is equipped with an anti-freeze thermostat.
  5. The LED display has fascinated many customers.
  • LG BSA12IBE Inverter Air Conditioner: This is another company that has been in this business for years with strong reputation and goodwill.
  1. The price is Rs 35,000.
  2. There are many interesting features in this model like the micro filter. The AC remains damage free due to this filter. Also there is a feature ‘season’s comforting where the AC adjusts itself according to the temperature outside. Customers have raved about this feature of the AC. Till date this model is quite a popular choice in the Indian market.
  3. It comes with only two years of warranty from the date of sale.
  4. It has a capacity of 1 ton. In case you have a small room then this model from LG is quite suitable.

There are various websites that write on the best air conditioners in the market. Always consider a reputed website for this purpose especially those who give comprehensive reviews and covers all the salient points. Some website upload customer star ratings. This should also be taken into consideration.


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