Top 5 Latest Split Air-conditioners for your home

Top 5 Latest Split Air-conditioners for your home

With the Indian air conditioning market flooding with a plethora of options, buying the right split AC for your home can be a tough job. No more! We present a list of top 5 latest split air-conditioners for your home. Read to know more!

When it comes to selecting the right split AC for our home, let’s confess it, we get overwhelmed looking at such an expansive choice available in the market for us to choose from. But, at the same time, it’s daunting and confusing to quite a level. It is here that most of us turn to a professional who can help us buy the best air conditioner without letting our hard earned money go in vein.

This post details on top 5 latest split air-conditioners for your home. Let’s take a look at each of them!

Toshiba RAS-25S3KPS-IN + RAS-25S3APS-IN

When it comes to finding an air conditioning system that speak of high-end features, a 5 star rating and an excellent capacity, Toshiba’s RAS-25S3KPS-IN split air conditioner is the name. One of the leading home appliance manufacturer in the nation, Toshiba is a brand to bank upon. This AC boasts of a plethora of interesting properties which majorly include, a steady cool compressor that keeps the room refreshing, an IAQ filter which keeps harmful bacteria and viruses away, hi-power mode that ensures delivery of air in every corner of the room and use of R410A refrigerant which does not cause harm to the ozone layer, is non-flammable and non-toxic in nature.


Samsung AR18KC5JDMCNNA Max Retail Split AC

Samsung is famed for contributing immensely to the air conditioning industry and it’s quite evidently visible with this impressive split air conditioner it introduced to the Indian market. Comparatively budgeted, Samsung Max Retail Split AC is sturdy enough to cool a normal sized room. Its outside unit comes installed with a Durafin technology, which enhances the heat exchanger’s performance and is more corrosion resistant in nature. The device also speaks of a triple protector plus which safeguards both, the indoor and outside unit and indoor unit from voltage spikes/drops. It’s quite easy to maintain.

Daikin Air Conditioner Inverter AC 1.8 Ton DTKP60

Daikin is yet another trusted air conditioning brand to look for when out in the market shopping for a spilt fir conditioner. If you have a large room, Daikin Inverter AC 1.8 ton is a good choice. It features an R32 refrigerant type, which apparently is better than R22 typically installed in most air conditioners shelved in the market. It comes with a 3D air flow which means that it cools each and every corner of the room faster than its counterparts and also maintains the level. The air conditioner comes enabled with an anti-microbial filter which restricts the entry and growth of microorganism.

O General ASGA24FTTA Split AC

O General is famed as the pioneers of the industry. The only drawback it faces is its product price range. Though its products and their long lasting durability promise are worth the price O General quotes. To start with, O General ASGA24FTTA Split Air Conditioner comes with a 15 m long air flow reach that has the prowess to cover a large space easily. The AC comes with a 2.0 ton capacity and features R401A cooling gas, which is known as a more eco-friendly option and promises faster cooling.

LG LSA5WT5D 1.5 ton Split AC

Last but not the least, LG’s 1.5 ton Split Air Conditioner is yet another classic option worth consideration. It comes with a 4-way swing that ensures better flow of air along with Himalaya Cool Technology, which promises faster cooling and Monsoon comfort that offers precise cooling during monsoon and high humidity season. The conditioning unit also comes with micro-dust protection filter that smartly removes bacteria and other micro-dust particles from the air.

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