Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is not a new in this field since it has been providing passenger service for over 75 years.  In 1934, Alaska Airline had merged with Star Air Service that make it the largest Airline in Alaska. Alaska Airlines is the seventh-largest U.S. airline based on passenger traffic. Aside from it, Alaska Airlines is one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers because of offering a friendly and relaxed style of service to its passenger. At present, Alaska serves more than 60 cities in Canada. Moreover, it has expended its service over the past decade.

It carries more passengers between the state Alaska and the Lower 48 rather than any other airline. Being a renowned air carrier, it loves to improve constantly its customer service to have a better experience. In order to make it true, this airline embraces innovating technology and technique. Because of its excellent service, it has been appreciating among the customers since long.

Alaska Airlines has its sister company, namely Alaska Airlines. Being a sister company of Alaska Airlines, it has been providing regional service on routes within the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, it can be said that it’s all about the strong partnership of Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines. Now, they are sharing the Mileage Plan frequent flyer program. There are two types of Class Service one-class or two-class depending on the aircraft which is provided by Alaska Airlines. Both types of classes are being described here in a nutshell

If you go to choose First Class, that means you should prepare for enjoying complimentary alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and three-course meal service during your journey. Aside from it, you are allowed to enjoy handheld media player which is called digEplayer. On the other hand, if you have made your mind to pick two-class, then you will get non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. And if you want to enjoy alcoholic beverages & hot meals then you have to purchase it. If you are crazy about handheld media players then get ready to pay its rent.

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