American Airlines

American Airlines

When it comes to discuss which one is world’s largest Airline? The name that pops up in mind is American Airlines. Though it emerged as the world’s largest airline, there is a big story behind it that makes it one of the world’s largest airlines.

AMR Corporation, which is the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines had decided to merge two giant airline American Airlines and US Airlines. To get rid from US competition concern, it has been merged with US Airways. The parent of American Airlines called the AMR Corporation announced they had completed the deal to overcome from bankruptcy protection.

If we go to look at back, American Airlines has made some news headlines such as this airlines will provide nearly 6,700 daily flights which would be more than 330 destinations to 50 countries.

It would not be excessive that it’s the marriage of the two airlines. Though it’s the merger on a big scale, it was expected to take a long time period which, can be some months or even a couple of year to blend two giant airlines. In order to regulate it in an ideal manner, it was required to craft some great strategy, plans and formulas. American Airlines and US Airways are expected to save $1bn in this year through its merging.

There is workforce over 100,000 employees that work behind American Airlines to serve the best service. In 2012, the annual revenue of American Airlines Group was about $39. To generate more than $1 billion a year, it has been merged. Since the scaled of the merger is so big and it took about two years to blend.

Apart from it, there is another one aspect emphasising to consider world’s best Airline as it did not pinch customers’ pouch. At the time of margining, people got enthralled with the notion that it may burn their pocket. But very soon, the air becomes clear since the merger did not bring any kind of immediate changes. After completing its merger, American Airlines shared a whopping 95 cents, or 4 percent, to $24.85 on the company’s first day.