Chicco Breast Pads for Breastfeeding Moms – Assuring Utmost Health and Hygiene!

Breast pads by Chicco are an essential breastfeeding accessory specially designed to capture the leaking milk, draw moisture away, keep the skin dry, and protect a mother’s clothes from wetness and stains.

Breast Pads – Effectiveness Assured


The soft, absorbent, and breathable Breast Pads by Chicco are an innovative way of maintaining the health and hygiene of a mother’s breast. According to a clinical test conducted in Milan on a sample group of 90 breastfeeding mothers, it was revealed that:-

  • The use of antibacterial breast pads aided in maintaining the hygiene of a mother’s breast.

Chicco Breast Pads – The Advantages


Chicco’s breast pads with their unique features not only assure the health and hygiene of a mother’s breast, but also help make the entire experience comfortable for her.


Antibacterial Fabric: The antibacterial, ultra-comfortable fabric smartly helps in avoiding the growth of bacteria on a mother’s breast skin.


Super Absorbent: The presence of super absorbent micro-pearls on the pads retain the outflow of excess liquid and prevent it from escaping to the surface.

Maximum Breathability: The double external layer of the breathable non-woven fabric allows the breast skin as well as the nipples to breathe easy. It also prevents irritation.

Invisible: The thin pads are practically invisible under clothes while promising maximum comfort.

With undeniable health and hygiene benefits, breast pads by Chicco are a smart choice for the breastfeeding moms.