Tips to Buying the best Showerhead!

The basic importance of choosing a shower in your bathroom, just like many other bath accessories, is often underestimated. Considering the fact that a shower is used on a daily basis and even multiple times in a household, selecting the right type for your bath space can significantly add function to your bath space as well as enhance your bathing experience to a great level. When you set out to buy a new shower head for the bathroom, give some thought to its actual usage along with your particular needs and requirements.

Basic Showerhead Types

Standard Wall Mounted Shower

A standard wall mounted showerhead is the most common type of shower available on the market. Affixed high up on one of the walls of the bathroom, it has the prowess to match every bath décor and add functionality. Further, it’s easy to change a standard wall-mounted shower head by simply unscrewing the existing parts and replacing them with new ones. The variety available is quite expansive and impressive too. Extra features include nozzles which can be adjusted between pulsing massage and gentle mist.

Single Flow Hand Shower

Hand Shower

Choosing a single flow hand shower for your bathroom can serve as an ideal option if you have kids, elderlies, and specially-abled members in the family. A hand shower, with its additional reach and control, offered by a three to six feet long hose, allows you to bathe easily and perform a plethora of additional tasks as well. A hand shower can be wall mounted and be loaded with an additional set of accessories as well.

Top Mounted Shower

Chic, stylish, and sensual, a top-mounted shower or rain shower is directly placed above your head for an amazing, enjoyable bathing experience. Most top-mounted showers can also be suspended with the help of a pendant or be flush-mounted to the bathroom’s ceiling. While, the shower type promises an invigorating experience, installing it is a bit technical and it requires extensive upgrades to your existing plumbing as well.

Spa Shower Panels

Create a recreation experience of hydrotherapy bathing by installing a spa shower panel. An amalgamation of multi-spay showers, these are typically installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls of the bath space. The panel provides a criss-cross water pattern that massages your body from head to toe. Promising a superlative experience, the downside of choosing this shower type is its extremely technical installation process that demands an expert’s help.

No matter if you choose a blissful hydrotherapy experience, or plan to install a standard wall-mounted shower panel, ensure it serves your purpose well and goes hand-in-hand with your budget.