Wash Basins – Trends of 2018

Bathrooms have a majestic way to refresh and relax you, especially after a long day of work. Why not add a dash of elegance to your bath space by upgrading it with quirky wash basins, and other sophisticated and stylish accessories. Wash basins today are available in a myriad variety of shapes, sizes, designs and patterns to match every bathroom type. Explore the range and embellish your relaxing space with modish wash basins.

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Gone are the days when adorning bathrooms with quirky accessories were considered a lame idea. Today, bathrooms hold equal importance as that to any other rooms of a house. With the availability of a broad range of bathroom accessories, especially wash basins – in terms of gorgeous designs, vivid colors, durable materials and styles, these can beautify washrooms and give them an altogether different feel.

From simple pedestal type to wall hung, corner basins and recessed basins, the variety is simply exhaustive and immaculate. Here in this article, we’ve defined some wash basins that have the prowess to match various styles of bathrooms from traditional to eclectic. You can select a basin type that matches the interiors and gives it a bold and beautiful statement.

Wall Hung Basins

Wall Hung Basins make for the most common types of wash basins since yesteryears. These are inexpensive and quite easy to install as well. Wall hung wash basins do not ask for a separate table or a countertop to hold them in place and hence, are much preferred by people across the globe. They are available in a plethora of quirky shapes, styles, and sizes to complement every bathroom type.

Counter Top Basins

These marked as a new addition to the leading trends of 2015 and since then have firmly secured a position in the list of preferred wash

basins for all types of bath decors. Counter Top Basins are easy to install. All one needs to do is add a sturdy counter below and mount the wash basin above. Tables which can hold counter top basins can be made of metal, glass, marble, wood and even granite. These add a dash of elegance with charm to the entire bathroom space.

Colored Wash Basins

These are quite similar to the wall-mounted and counter top basins except for the vibrant colors they feature. From single tone colors to combinations of colors and patterns, colored wash basins are increasingly becoming the first choice for powder rooms. Bold, bright and attractive, colored wash basins speak of a variety of applications in a kid’s bathroom as well as dining areas.

Marble Wash Basins

Mostly made in black or cream black Italian marble, special tools are used for polishing and shaping these new-age exquisite wash basins. A classic new addition to the range of contemporary basins, Marble wash basins complement luxury homes and apartments with marble floorings and wall paneling.

Stone Pedestal Wash Basins

Free-standing in nature, Stone Pedestal wash basins do not require any mounting on the wall or a counter. These are made using large blocks of onyx stones or marbles and come in a broad range of shapes, designs, sizes and colors. Stone Pedestal wash basins are comparatively expensive. However, their ‘wow factor’ is enough to lure people and admire their exceptionally gorgeous look. These are also known as wash basin with cabinet as they have enough space to stack toiletry essentials.

Resin Wash Basins

Made using innovative materials which smartly combine with transparency, lightness, and colors, Resin Wash Basins come with very high resistance to scratches and wear-and-tear, and give away a majestic look. Available in vibrant colors – wine red, crystal purple and sky blue, these give a bath space an innovative and unique look.

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