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What To Consider When Choosing Your Shower Enclosures

shower enclosureModern Shower Enclosures is a very important decision that will guarantee your enjoyment or not of your shower experience.  There are different types and designs put on sale by sanitaryware manufacturers in the market but basically, the major factors that will determine the best choice will include the users particular lifestyle and preferences and of course, budget.

Helpful Tips

The following tips will be highly beneficial in coming up with the right choice. You can also find them in the buyer’s guide:

  • Size and Shape:

Yes, you might have the shape you want in mind but you have to know that the shape and size of your shower will be determined by the type of room and the available space.

Be informed that shower enclosures usually come in different shapes; square or rectangular but can also come in curved or quadrant shape that are stylish and practical.

  • Style and Type

A curved enclosure will fit snugly against a single wall while a quadrant shower enclosure will allow you to optimize corner spaces.

Don’t forget, the choice of the door is also an important issue. If there is space constraint, go for the folding or sliding shower doors while in case where space is not a problem, Pivot-style swing doors will be of help. You can also choose the glass of the doors and walls even the style of the frames just to suit your tastes. The glass can either be plain, frosted or even tinted and know that the type and thickness of the glass will also affect durability and safety.

  • Trays and Tiles

Another important feature you must look out for is the fact that whether the enclosure comes with a tray or not. The best one is that with a tray as that will guarantee that it will fit correctly.

However, if you are fitting recess shower doors, you must also select a tray to fit the spaces provided by the recess. Note that the walls of the shower area inside should be sealed and tiled correctly to prevent issues with damp.

Also, the height of the shower tray will also affect how low to the ground the wall will be tiled. The color and style of the tiles can kowtow with the overall look and feel of your bathroom whether it’s plain and highly decorative.

  • Other Options

A wet room might serve as an alternative to some that have issues with the raised shower tray or shower doors. This is because a wet room with a built-in shower can be attractive alternative to a traditional shower enclosure.

During the construction process, it is of paramount importance to know that the entire room must be appropriately tiled or waterproofed.


Shower Enclosures are as important as other accessories in the house as they help in decorating and manifesting the beauty of the house. Making a wise choice in getting them will go a long way at ensuring that the functionality of the house remains top notch, and of course there will be great returns of satisfaction for all the money expended in the bathroom.

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