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Contemporary Shower Ideas for a Modern Bathroom Space

It’s time to replace your old fashioned bath faucet collection with something more contemporary and concrete. More than anything, alluring fixtures and fittings just add a glam to the overall space. They convert an ordinary décor into an elegant one.

Focusing on a good shower when revamping your bathroom is essential. For, bath tubs have lost their charm and have been smartly replaced by showers and quirky shower panels. Here are some modish shower ideas to consider.

Focal Wall

The 2017 trends recommend the use of focal wall shower heads. Most of us make the mistake of investing huge amounts in buying appealing fixtures and fittings, but do not realize the fact that simplicity is the key to a contemporary design. A bold focal wall is enough to draw attention to all the marvels affixed to the shower panel.

Colorful Bathroom Tap

An all-white bathroom décor has always found a space amid the top trends year by year. But we feel that it’s a bit cold and lifeless. Simply adding shower heads or hand showers with bright and vibrant colors can do the magic. The market is flooded with myriad varieties of bathroom faucets for your sink and shower panels.


Shower Seating

This is a new addition to the trend this year. Today, most people wish for a spa-like bath space which has a proper seating area and an impressive shower panel. The fact being a built-in seating area not only offers a relaxing place for you to sit and rejoice a bathing experience but it also adds a finishing look to the overall décor. You can add a simple water-resistant, teak bench or get a stone slab made in your shower.

The ‘His & Her’ Style

Most bathrooms today feature the new-age ‘His & Her’ style bathroom décor. With this, you get separate closets as well bathroom sinks. Get inspired and take the idea to the next level. Make your shower space a memorable one by installing his and her shower heads.


Showers with smart Lights

The advent of new technology has enabled sanitary ware manufacturers go wild with their thinking. The product of which can be seen in the form of showers with lighting. The best part of adding lights to shower heads is that they smartly illuminate the area and are proving to be inexpensive as well. The trends are quite impressive and hence, have given a special space to showers with lights in the list of allures.

That’ not all folks! The ideas are innumerate. What matters is the most is the kind of bath space and the bath faucet collection you wish to install. Go wild! Think out-of-the-box and add a dash of class to this essential space of your home!