Himalayan ranges in india

Himalayan ranges in india

Himalayas are no doubt highest mountain ranges in the world and are million of years old as verified by the scientific community worldwide. The Himalayan ranges are spread over 1500 miles and has several peaks such as Everest and Kunchenjunga, which are one of the highest in the world as such. Most of the Himalayan ranges are populated with dense forest, which are rich in rare herbs and various varieties of trees. The view of Himalayas is so serene and majestic that every body wants to spend some time here in the breathtaking lap of nature.

There are several nice and beautiful resorts in the Himalayan ranges where you can spend some time with nature and get excellent service as well. A large number of Buddhist monasteries and ashrams are also there where you can learn some good spiritual lessons and spend quality time with spiritually enlightened people. As per studies conducted at various places around the world, the Himalayas were formed as a result of tectonic movement of Indian subcontinent towards north, which started around 70 million years ago. In fact, as per research, it has been established that Indian subcontinent is still inching towards north at the speed of 15 cm per year creating an invariable force in lower parts of Himalayas ranges.

To ascertain the fact that Himalayan ranges are made up of seabed rock, the scientists took samples from the peak of Mount Everest (or Gouri Shanker as it’s called in India) and tested it in the laboratory. They were amazed to find that the peak of Mount Everest is made up of marine limestone, which established the fact, that indeed Himalayan ranges came into existence because of tectonic movement of India subcontinent. The Himalayan ranges, which comprises of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, etc., is a world famous tourist spot. People from across the world flock to the places in Himalayan ranges because of its jaw dropping natural beauty and natural calmness that’s prevalent here in abundance.

 The height of Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in Himalayan ranges, is 8,848 metres above sea level and is basically the highest in the world. Although now it has been scaled several times by many people but again to climb on the highest mountain in the world is as exciting as ever. Even today also many male and female mountaineers dream of climbing on this awesome mountain situated in Himalayan ranges and every year so many people undertake this adventure sport. A few years back most of the area in Himalayan ranges was uninhabited, portraying the untouched picture of scenic beauty and wild life but now it’s inhabited to a large extent.

 If somebody is looking for fresh and overwhelming dose of natural beauty then any place in Himalayan ranges is good to visit and stay there for as much as you wish. You can choose from any of the world-class hotels and resorts that are present in the area and enjoy your stay in the calmness that prevails around you.