Varanasi Tourism

Varanasi Tourism

Varanasi Trip – To get engage with the Banaras Ghat’s Special Pooja

A little bit about Varanasi:

 There is no need to get confused at all. Yes!!! Varanasi and Banaras both are the name of the same place which is one of the oldest cities of the world and known for its lovely and enthusiastic devotional culture. You may have seen Varanasi’s Ghats many times in the television serial & pictures but now it’s time to come out to reel life and make a trip to feel the way of special Banaras Ghat’s Pooja closely in the real life too.

Best Weather to visit Varanasi:

 Before making a plan to visit Varanasi, it’s quite essential to know about its comfortable weather that would add up to your journey. The ideal season to set off to Varanasi starts from October till then March as the temperature remains comfortable and lovely with the 5-15 degree Celsius. Another benefit is that you can also grab a lovely chance to enjoy festival like Dusshera, Bharat Milap, Diwali and Ganga Festival as well that is celebrated in the month of October/November.

Amazing Fact of Varanasi:

The amazing fact of Varanasi is related to Lord Shiva (respected as a veteran Hindu god) that boost up the story of Varanasi. As per mythology, it’s considered that Lord Shiva came at the place to reside after marrying to Parvati. It’s strongly firmed that he had never left the city therefore it has become one of the important pilgrimage.

The Best Connectivity (Road, Train & Air):

 Varanasi is well-connected to other metro cities across India by air, train and road. You can get several flight from here to any part in India. Apart from it, Delhi-Agra-Khajuraho route are very popular. If you are making plan to go by train then there two prominent railway station. One is the Kashi Junction and other the Varanasi Junction having lovely connection to Delhi, Kolkata etc. There is good road connectivity to Varanasi as well including Auto & Buses facility.

Where to stay:

    • Hotel Zeera, Varanasi
    • Rivata by Ideal, Varanasi
    • Hotel Surya, Varanasi
    • Ramada Plaza, Varanasi
    • Hotel Varuna, Varanasi
    • Hotel Buddha, Varanasi