Alice Springs

Alice Springs Travel Guide

If you’re looking for Australia’s spiritual home, then you’ve come to the right place. Visitors love to keep a close eye over Alice Springs as it’s one of the popular destinations. This place oozes with marvellous natural beauty, history and culture alluring a number of people to visit. This city is a great merger of European Settlers and Aboriginal.

I would like to mention that the Aboriginal people are called the Arrernet. Around thirty thousand years ago, they have chosen the desert of Alice Springs to get settled. On the other hand, European came to this place and bring rock art with them. Today, this Rock Art fascinates a large number of visitors to this place. Andit would not be excessive that Alice Springs has become a synonym of a unique mix of culture.

At the time of visiting Alice Spirngs, don’t go to slip the chance to go see this ancient rock. It would be a great treat for your mindwhen you get to know about the origin stories and legends of the Arrernte people.As per these legends, Alice Spring’s mountainous deserts were formed by wild dogs & caterpillars.

European settlement caught speed when alluvia gold 100 kilometres east of Alice Springs was discovered in 1887.Until World War, Alice Springs was still considered as a small and remotest area. But as of now, the whole situation gets changed. Since the town has emerged as a one of the renowned tourist hubs. Because of containing a number of alluring and fascinated natural wonders, the city remains at the fingertips of the visitors. West Macdonnell Mountain Range & Great Red Rock are some of the major names of quite popular natural wonders. Since this town comes with a great amalgamation of culture and history between the Arrernte Aboriginal people and the European settlers, it’s also play an enormous role to catch a huge attention of peoplefrom all around the world. Camel Cup- a popular event- is enjoyed by the tourist and local.

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