Edinburgh Travel Guide

Art and Culture is a thing that required to feel and analyse it deeply. Though the world is flooded with a number of amusement and entertainment places but what about if we need to have a trip where we can get a chance to get connected with art and culture in a better way. The aim of this blog to introduce you a city that approached art and culture both closely. Take a look.

To discover a world that hold arts and culture both at a same time in a discreet manner, the name that pops in the mind first is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is known as a wonderful city since it can overwhelm you with hidden pleasures. This city feels proud not only to pamper its past but also showcasing it. Vibrant present allure many of us to get along with this place and feel the new experience. Be it major galleries, museums, comedy, music or theatre, Edinburgh oozes with all these above mentioned.

To prove that Edinburgh love to pamper art and culture is not a tough task as this city is also home to the National Galleried of Scotland. Besides it, five art museums in the city’s are one of main attractions to allure a number of visitors. These art museums have a different type of galleried and each gallery comes with a particular concept. For instance The National Gallery, reflect a broad collection of European paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. On the other hand, National Gallery of Modern Art love to bring out and shows contemporary works. The storey does not get end here since the National Museum of Scotland consist the history and culture of Scotland from the Ice Age to the present to put the focus on the nation’s rapid industrial and commercial growth.

On the other, this city has coined its name in the Unesco’s first City of Literature. Moreover, this city is regarded as a home to the world’s largest book festival as well as possess the power to hold its biggest performing arts festival. Have a happy reading.