FIJI Travel Guide

Have you heard the name FIJI? Some of you would go with YES. But if you are one of them who do not anything about FIJI, then there is no need to put any kind of stress on your mind since we are here to guide you. Say HELLOW to Fiji with a broad grin if you wish to indulge with stunning beaches, warm climate, peaceful and relaxed island.

To rejuvenate yourself, Fiji would be right to choose since it abounds in some of the best resorts including Huge Lagoon Style Pools, Modern Rooms, Day Spas, and Fully Equipped Gyms. Apart from it, you can go to relax yourself by night strolling, spending days around the pools. Moreover, there are many options to lift up the mood like Parasailing, Golfing, Diving, Snorkelling etc., If it does not match to your taste then you can enjoy cultural show & for nightclub too. A large number of Fiji Tours and Cruises are available feel you Fiji closely.

Before heading to Fiji, you must come to know about its weather. The temperature of Fiji remains pleasing with 26 to 31 degrees. In order to travel Fiji, the best months start from April to October. Fiji is the place of cool tropical breezes. If you wish to enjoy heavy rainy season, then make your plan in the month of December to march since they are cooler months.

Many of us have not much idea about Fiji, then we must go to grab a packaged holiday since it comes with taking care of your accommodation, flights, transfers, tours and meals etc. There are many tours and travels to assist you with their best planning at the best price.

Fiji has the total number of 320 islands which are no inhabited. Suva is the capital of Fiji that comes in the main island namely Vitu Levu. Vitu Levu contain another island which is a Nandi. Nandi adjacent the international airport where holiday visitors arrive. With a group of Islands -The Mamanuca- locates near to Nandi, this place comes with a myriad of island resorts.  Therefore, you would not face any trouble regarding air transfers and boat. More than 50 Fiji resorts and hotels are spread over this island but a number of prominent resorts and hotels are located on the largest 2 islands of Fiji, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.