Hobart Travel Guide

Hobart is a lively capital of Tasmania, which has a plethora of artistic, museums, galleries, historic landmarks. It shows a great affection toward Art and Culture. Though there is a number of cities in the world pampering art, but when it comes to Hobart the whole story get a little change as this city is quite close to Art. This city abounds in a massive range of Art galleries that beautifully explore a strong attraction to cool contemporary works. Apart from it, they love to showcase local heritage as well as display dozens of historical selections.

This lovely city does not hold only modern and vintage art, but keep itself close to spirituality as well. It oozes with young and modern vibe. This city abounds in churches. And Penitentiary Chapel is one of the renowned prison, which was formerly known as the Tench in the 1840s. It has been popular among the visitors since long.  People still come to watch it. Earlier there were criminal courts and a gallows on site too. If you step up in this city, you will see the history of Hobart in the landscape from Royal theatre to Green-washed botanical gardens. Those who love to dig out the things related to past, Hobart is such a nice place since it has old world historical houses in Battery Point. It’s an area which is a landmark in its own right.

One of the most popular gallery called MONA is known for both exhibits, be it historic or contemporary work. The amazing architecture of this building has become a great attention grabber among the visitors. To look this gallery in a discreet manner, you have to spare at least a few hours. At MONA, you will overwhelm with contemporary masterpiece same as Sydney Nolan’s Snake having 1000 paintings

Hobart has become popular since long because of pampering art in a sophisticated manner. At Hobart, a large number of art galleries can be found. Apart from above mentioned, Henry Hunter Gallery is quite popular since it’s covered with fine paintings to land you in another world successfully.

To have a close experience of art, painting, beautifully architected galleries, you should go to choose Hobart. After returning, don’t forget to share your views with us.