Sydeny Travel Guide

Though there are a number of renowned cities in this world. But when it comes about the city that is being considered for maintaining high quality lifestyle, Sydney lists its name first as a one of the most desirable city in Australia. If you are very curious to know about this city then this blog is stuffed with the essential information regarding this city. Let’s have a look.

In 1780, one of the renowned city Sydney was established in Australia. At that time, it was the first European settlement in Australia. Later, Sydney covered a wide area from eastward to the coast and westward to the Blue Mountains. It’s essential to mention that this lovely city comes with 55 KM from east to west and 60 KM from north to south. It’s dreamed by a number of people to get settle in Sydney as this amazing city has been rewarded the Economist’s Global Live-ability Report 2011 as one of the world’s most live-able cities. The life standard of this city is quite appreciable. I would like to mention here that at present Sydney is home to 4.4 million people and they feel proud to being a citizen of this world renowned city.

In the context of temperature, Sydney is quite good as summer that falls from December to February comes with 18.3 – 25.5 degree Celsius. June to August is winter season and that comes with 8.7 –16.9 degree Celsius. While autumn comes with 14.5 – 22.1 degree Celsius in March to May and spring falls September to November with 13.3 – 19.8 degree Celsius.

Sydney is being loved by many because of its pleasant climate and multicultural population. People from different places have become the part of this city and therefore Sydney oozes with a blend of different cultures. At Sydney, People love to share their thoughts, habits and culture with each-others to make it more colorful. Apart from multicultural, it’s a colorful and pleasant city because of its air and water. This city is blessed with beauty of the natural environment. A quality based infrastructure create a difference and make this city different among other cities. It would be enough to surprise you that like other cities, Sydney never get along with huge traffic congestion at the time of peak hours. So, if you wish to live in a city which does not come with traffic then you must go to choose Sydney. Many suburban beaches are all set to reduce your stress.