U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Travel Guide

It would not be excessive to mention here the city “Virgin” is a great infusion of Caribbean and American cultures. The people living in this city have their native roots to Europe and Africa as their ancestor came from there. Therefore a large of Americans can be easily found among the population. Not only the culture but the food market is also dominated by United States because of this great blend of culture.  Though a number of restaurants are engaged to serve local dishes serving pates and boiled fish, it can make you wonder that supermarkets and stored abounds in a myriad of American goods. McDonalds, Pizza Hut can be all time favourite many of us but the hankering for Skippy peanut butter or Smucker’s jell can leave you drool worthy.

In Virgin, large grocery stores selling right from Campbells Soup to Sara-lee pound cakes can be found. To become a part of fashion whim, people love to carry jeans, t-shirts, jerseys, polo shirts and other Western style dress as they don’t allow themselves to propel boring and dull style. To rejuvenate yourself, this city oozes with the enthusiasm of playing and enjoying baseball, basketball and football. A great amalgamation of the American and Caribbean cultures brings out a great combination that essay a significant role the make United States Virgin Islands a unique and interesting place.

In the context of language being used by people is English. A number of people love to speak, write and read English instead of any other language. Although English is one of the most used language, some residents face some difficulty to get along with this language as they have come from another place. Because of holding different culture and language, it’s not strange to hear Spanish, French-patois and creole. Apart from it, Virgin Islanders is very much music oriented since the local fungi bands play scratch instruments as gourds and washboards.

So, don’t forget to make your trip to Virgin as spending some days there would play a major role to hype your mood.