Wayanad Travel Guide

Wayanad Travel Guide

Wayanad – Embark on the unforgettable journey to Kerela

 With taking name of Wayanad (Kerela), a picture revolving around greenery and hills emerges in our minds. If you are going to make plan for Wayanad then the article fully stuffed with important points would add up to your  information.

Amazing Fact of Wayanad:

 Wayanad district is located in the north-east of Kerala state. There are not many industries engaged in manufacturing but quite close to Cattle Farming, Rice Planting, Coffee, Tea, Vanilla etc., Besides it, Wildlife and water bodies play major role to keep engage the tourist to fall in love with Wayanad.

  • If you have never seen the mountain then Wayanad offering you a lovely opportunity to make you thrill with its Chembra Peak (2,100 Meter), Banaura Peak (2,073 Meter), Brah Magiri (1,608 Meter).
  • Wayanad is lovely type of town that has a different culture closed and associated with tribal. So, if you are very curious to know that how exactly they survive then a trip to Wayanad would be best for learning purpose.
  • Apart from it the opportunity to enjoy Famous Fire Dance is also being offered by Wayanad tour as well.

Best Weather to visit Wayanad:

There is a lovely weather with its higher elevation that would make you please. In wayanad, wide grounds are measuring with forests that help to retain its weather cool. It contains 21 to 31 degree Celsius from April to May, monsoon season starts from May to October with average rain of 3200 mm and January to November is coldest months.

 Wayanad’s Location Related Facts:

 It’s 11°36’18” North, 76°04’59” East, with its average elevation being 700 to 2100 meter.

 Where to stay:

 You can make a choice as per your choice and comfortable in respect of your stay. There are some hotel that may help you too.

  • Hotel Green Gates-Wayanad Kerala
  • Mint Flower Residency-Wayanad Kerala
  • The Wayanad Gate-Wayanad-Kerala
  • Pepper Grove-Wayanad-Kerala
  • Mint Flower-Wayanad-Kerala

 The Best Connectivity (Road, Train & Air):

 The best connectivity is being offered by Kozhikode Airport which is well-connected to Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Goa, Madurai and Chennai as well. You can board train to your destination as Kozhikode Railway Station is situated in Manchuria Square and connected with Mangalore, Ernakulum, Thiruvanthpuran, Chennai, Coimbatore, Goa and Mumbai.